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Welcome 2 Crete is a full-service travel guide with a booking engine that will lead you to several charter destinations around the world. We offer links and reconmendations for hotels, flights, apartments, villas, real estate, charter flights, ferrys, taxis, bus, boats, rental cars, cities, villages, attractions, museums, churches, historical sites, nature sites, beaches, restaurants, cafes, bars, banks, medicine, insurance, law, business, post, shopping, spa, night life, entertainment, language,culture, history, mythology, geography, food, archaeology, media, society, weather, embassies, organisations, travel guides, encyclopedias, and currency converter.Crete is the home to cultural gems such as Paleohora, Knossos, Heraklion, Chania and Agios Nikolaos. Welcome2Crete.com is a full-service guide to the island of Crete that is written by locals and frequent visitors in cooperation. Create your trip by reserving hotels and booking flights or plan your trip by visiting our travel guides, and learning about the culture and life on Crete. Your trip to Crete starts here. Welcome to Crete!

  hotels in Crete

Crete Hotels

  flights to Crete

Crete Flights

Find Crete Hotels including: Hotel in Chania (Xania, Hania), Hotels in Rethymnon, hotel in Heraklion (Heraklio, Iraklio) and hotels in Lassithi. Also: Spa Hotels, Resort Hotels, and Rental Apartments.
Find flights to Crete, commercial airlines and charter flights. Find the necessary tools to book a flight to Crete.
  Crete Apartments

Crete Apartments

  Crete Villas

Crete Villas

Find long term rental or a holiday flats in Crete.
Find and reserve rental villas, holiday homes and long-term rental homes in Crete.
  Crete Real Estate

Crete Real Estate

  Charter Flights Crete

Crete Charter Flights

Find Real Estate Companies here. Also: city homes and waterfront homes for sale, hotels for sale, flats for sale and commercial buildings for sale.
Find c harter flights and small commuter flights to help you travel around the island.
Ferries to Crete

Crete Ferry Lines

  Crete Taxi

Crete Taxis

Ferries are a great way to travel to Crete and between the Greek Islands. Visit this section to see what ferry lines travel to Crete and to which ports.
Taxi cabs in Crete cheap and easy. Find taxi companies that will carry you across town and from around the island here. This section includes special charter, land transportation like carriage rides and shuttle services.
Crete Bus

Crete Bus

  Crete Ferry

Crete Boats

Visit this section to find bus schedules in Crete. Also find charter buses and bus tours here.
In this section you will find information about boat tours, tour companies and rental boat companies.
Crete Rental Car

Crete Rental Car

  Crete cities

Crete Cities & Villages

Find Rental Cars, rental vans, rental bikes, and rental vehicles here.
Find information about the cities and villages in Crete here. The major cities of Crete are Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklio, and Lassithi. Find listings about small villages, mountain villages and fishing villages.
  Crete Attractions

Crete Attractions

  Crete museums

Crete Museums

Find Tourist Spots, Amusement Facilities, and must see sites at this spot.
Information and links to museums on Crete, including: archaelogical museums in Crete, naval museums, historical museums and art museums.
  Crete churches

Crete Churches

  Crete Historical Sites

Crete Historical Sites

Listings of churches on Crete including: popular churches, historical and famous churches and monastaries. Also find information about the Greek Orthodox church, traditions and holidays.
Cretan historical sites include archaeological sites like the Palace of Knossos and important locations such as battlefields and forts.
  Crete nature sites

Crete Nature Sites

  Crete beaches

Crete Beaches

Visit this section to find out about Crete's natural beauty, popular tourist sites and excursions, including: diving, hiking, trekking and mountain climbing.
Learn about Beaches in Crete here. Find information about Crete beaches. This section includes: rocky beaches, sandy beaches, nude beach, and private beach.
  Crete Restuarants

Crete Restaurants

  Crete Cafes

Crete Cafes

Find links about restaurants in Crete here. Also find information about Greek food and wine here.
Find locations and links to cafes in Crete. Read about the importance of cafes and about types of coffee in Greece.
  Crete Bars

Crete Bars

  Crete Banks

Crete Banks

Included in this section are bars and night clubs, and casual night life. Please see Night Life for information and links to discos and dance clubs.
Find links to banks that are located in Crete. Also find listings of banks and ATM locations in Crete.
  Crete Medicine

Crete Medicine

  Crete Insurance

Crete Insurance

Emergency information is available here as well as information and links to clinics and hospitals in Crete. Find also dentists in (dental care) and optomitrist offices.
Information about car insurance, health / medical, rental and dental insurance here. Find also, links to insurance companies and quotes here.
  Cretan Law

Crete Law

  Crete Post

Crete Post

Find information about law in Crete and links to law offices and law firms.
Information about the Cretan Postal System. Find locations and links about Post Offices.
  Crete business

Crete Small Business

  Crete Shopping

Crete Shopping

Find information about small businesses in Crete, including: listings for local and family owned businesses. Please see our shopping section for information and links to jewelry stores, antique shops, leather stores and more.
Search this section for information on local markets, jewelry shops, leather stores, antique stores and local crafts. This section includes: knife making, basket weaving, ceramics, and more.
  Crete beauty

Crete Beauty

  Crete night life

Crete Night Life

This section has links and information about beauty in Crete. Includes: make-up artists, spas, tattoo artists, coiffers, barbers and beauty salons in Crete.
Find exclusive bars, night clubs, dance clubs and discos in Crete here.
  Crete entertainment

Crete Entertainment

  Crete language

Crete Language

In this section you will find: theaters in Crete, cinemas and movie theaters in Crete, Cretan shows and productions. Also: Special Events in Crete here.
  Find free Greek dictionary, Greek language tools, Greek grammar and more here.  
  Crete culture

Crete Culture

  Crete history

Crete History

  Greek Culture and Cretan Culture have their roots in the ancient. Learn about Cretan traditional dress and costume, Cretan music, Cretan dance and more.   From ancient Greeks, to Turkish occupation, Venetian rule and wars and battles, Crete is a crossroads of the world. See here for information on Byzantine rule, Arab rule, Crete in European history and other historical facts.  
  Crete Mythology

Crete Mythology

  Crete geography

Crete Geography

  Much of Greek mythology involves Crete. Read here to learn about King Minos, the Minotaur, Theseus, Daedalus and Icharus and other mythology.   Crete is located at the crossroads of the world. Situated between Europe, Asia and Africa, Crete has much geographical importance. Here you can read about Crete's mountains, bays, harbors, global location, natural phenomenon and geological structures.  
  Cretan Food

Crete Food

  Crete archaeology

Crete Archaeology

  With similarities to the Meditteranean diet, but healthier, Cretan diet includes fresh vegetables, local herbs and more. Cheese and olive oil are also staples in the food products of Crete. Also learn about wine.   Find info on: Palace of Knossos, to Minoan ruins, Venetian architecture, Byzantine influence, Turkish and Arab structures, Cretan artifacts and archaeology.  
  Crete media

Crete Media

  Cretan society

Crete Society

  Find out about radio, television, newspapers, news and more.   Cretan society has ancient roots and is diversified and intriguing. Learn about sociological trends and social norms in Crete here.  
  Crete weather

Crete Weather

  Crete embassies

Crete Embassies

  Click here for almanac records for Crete, average yearly and monthly temperatures, rainfall and more. Here you can find the current weather conditions and learn about rain, snow, and sun.   Find the phone numbers and locatons of embassies and consulates in Greece.  
  Crete organizations

Crete Organizations

  Crete travel guides

Crete Travel Guides

  Visit this section for information and links to organizations of Crete. Includes: Associations and religious groups.   Find and read travel guides here. Discover tourist spots, popular places and activities.  

Crete Encyclopedias

  Crete currency converter

Crete Currency Converter

  Read encyclopedia articles about Crete here.   Links to Currency Converters and other helpful tools to aid your trip to Crete. Find out about the Euro, Drachma and more.  

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