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Banks in Crete are prevalent in large Cretan towns, but may be sparce in rural areas. You can find banking machines ( atms ) that serve large international banks in the large towns. Some large interational banks have branches in Greece, such as Citibank and Eurobank. Greek banks and smaller Cretan banks can also be found in towns and cities. When traveling in Crete, as in most of the Greek islands, it is best to carry cash ( Euros ) and credit cards may be hard to use. The large towns in Crete will have shops and businesses that accept credit cards, but smaller merchants and markets will not accept credit cards. Currency is easily exchanged into euros at banks and currency exchange services which occur frequently in towns and cities especially in tourist areas. Please also see our currency converter section.


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Banks located in Crete

Citibank has a branch that operates in Greece, however, depending on your country of origin, you may not be able to access your account from Crete.

Eurobank is the largest bank with the most branches and cash machines in Crete.

Alpha Bank

Ionian Bank

National Bank

General Bank

Bank of Cyprus

Emporiki Bank

Hania Bank

Agricultural Bank



Piraeus Bank


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