Crete Cafes: Bars, Restaurants, Tavernas





Cafes are more than just coffee shops, the cafe is essential to the Cretan culture and is a major sociological structure in Crete. Not only can you buy coffee ( Greek coffee, filter coffee or specialty coffee ), but you can also make social connections, settle deals and much more at cafes in Crete. One of the favorite pastimes of Cretan people is simply relaxing and chatting at one of the many cafes in every city and town in Crete.


map of Crete map of Crete map of Crete map of Crete When ordering a beverage at a cafe in Crete or all of Greece, it is important to realize the types of coffee offered. Regular coffee is usually a cup of warm instant coffee which is also referred to by brand as "Nescafe". This can also be made into a frothy, cold beverage called "Frappe". Greek coffee resembles espresso in strength and usually has the grounds left in to add strength. Coffee brewed with water is called "Filter Coffee" and is usually served in a French press coffee pot. Specialty coffees such as espresso, capuccino and other coffees can be ordered as well.

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