Crete Chruches: Greek Orthodox, Byzantine





Crete is home to many beautiful churches and chapels that dot the countryside and decorate the towns. Greek Orthodox is the official religion on Crete and the religious holidays follow the Greek Orthodox calender. Despite the overwhelming frequency of Greek Orthodox churches, cathedrals and chapels, other religions and sects have houses of worship on Crete as well. There are mosques and minarets that are remenants of the Turkish occupation which still exist today. Many of these mosques and minarets have been converted into other types of buildings, but some still operate. Protestant Christian and Catholic churches in Crete operate on a much smaller level than Greek Orthodox churches.


map of Crete map of Crete map of Crete map of Crete The architecture of Crete's churches is unique and gorgeous. Many of the churches have spectacular domes and beautifully tiled roofs. The interior of Cretan churches can be truly magnificant. With Byzantine influences, the churches' interior is usually ornately decorated with religious insignia, paintings and golden detail. Every visitor to Crete, whether religious or not, should visit at least one Cretan church to marvel at its beauty.

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